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Sun’s Incorporated is located in Huntington, Utah.  We are designers and builders of custom  passive solar greenhouses.  We have been building greenhouses for over 20 years and have 40+ years in the construction trades.


We also hold workshops on greenhouse construction.  We can teach group classes or hold one on one classes if you are interested in learning how to build your own greenhouse.


We have several prototypes as well as new designs in progress.  We will also be offering greenhouse kits online.


We also have links that include pictures of past greenhouse projects that we have built for some of our customers.  


For more information please contact us at:


Thank you for your interest in Sun’s Inc.


The picture above is Montezuma’s Castle.  It isn’t really a castle and it has nothing to do with Montezuma.  It’s actually a four story cliff dwelling house built by the Sinagua tribe about 1400. It is on the road between Flagstaff and Phoenix.  Taken by Phillip Capper.


Passive solar greenhouses use the power of the sun and run off of solar energy so are low cost.  Also, Passive solar greenhouses are particularly useful during winter as you can now grow year round crops.  

Hohokam cliff dwelling
Benefits of Passive Solar
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